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My name is Dora Szekely and I look forward to sharing my trip to Peru and Bolivia to visit artisanal, small scale miners  with you. After years of dreaming of starting this sourcing journey to develop a traceable and ethical silver supply chain, the journey truly began this past fall.

I started with research and interviews with those who have a similar dream and are currently working to connect the artisanal small, scale gold mining sector to the market; two great initiatives- Fairtrade and Fairmined. Currently the entire focus is on gold, but I’ve planted the seed to hopefully soon work together to focus on silver. With global mining OVER 39 times HIGHER for silver (in 2012 more silver was mined than ever before), and used 5 times more in jewelry in the USA, for the earth and the workers we cannot stop there.

The current belief is that ASM do not focus on silver. From my preliminary research, I don’t think that is necessarily the case (especially as silver is often found with gold). But I do not know this for certainty. Before choosing my path, this question must be answered. I am now moving towards on the ground research with my first trip to visit artisanal and small scale miners in Peru and Bolivia.

I welcome you to join me in this journey as I become an activist and advocate for artisanal, small scale metal miners and materials that are “good from the source”.

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